Alfred University Strives to Achieve Student Satisfaction


This month, Alfred University talks about using RoomSync® to increase the satisfaction of 525 incoming new students with social media.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Alfred University has turned an eye toward focusing on an innovative solution to helping students feel more in control of the choices that impact their development as both students and residents at the university. Alfred now joins more than 50 other colleges and universities in using RoomSync to help empower students in making their own roommate decisions using Facebook and in forming a community of fast friends for incoming First Year students.

RoomSync is an app on Facebook that leverages students’ wide use of Facebook in describing their likes and personalities. Often times, Facebook is the first place students go to evaluate their new roommates once they receive their assignments, but by using RoomSync, a wide selection of roommates are available for the students’ choice. According to an EBI MAP-Works study, residents who have more choice are more satisfied. Further, the room assignment process is the top predictor of overall student satisfaction.

The problem of student satisfaction is one that many schools face as they plan to welcome new students who are likely living on their own for the first time. Alfred University is tackling this problem head on as part of its initiative to raise satisfaction levels by providing students more control over their roommate decisions. The Residence Life Office expects to see more satisfied roommates and experience less requests for roommate transfers and upset phone calls than when assignments were distributed with less input from students.

Director of Residence Life at Alfred University Brenda Porter said, “With our debut of RoomSync, we are taking the opportunity to use Facebook to our advantage for creating happier roommates, increased academic success and overall satisfaction with students’ Alfred University experience.”

Starting in April, Alfred’s Class of 2017 began to choose their own roommates and connect with other incoming students based on many different criteria like lifestyle preferences, majors, housing preferences, hometown, high school, mutual Facebook friends and listed Facebook interests. This gives students the clearest picture of each other’s personalities and empowers them to form a community and feel comfortable being an active member of their residential communities.

Empowering roommates to self-match through RoomSync means greater initial satisfaction with the university and less student conflicts that require administrative rearrangement. Studies have also shown that happier roommates also reduce the likelihood of dropping out of college over time.

“I am thrilled that with the introduction of RoomSync at Alfred University, we have been able to provide students the ability to make choices that impact their development as mature members of our vibrant residential community and connect with their classmates before they’ve even arrived for move-in day,” said Porter.