Best Student Housing Series: Tietgen Student Halls, Orestad

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Your university or property offers students all the ammenities to make them comfortable, but some student properties go above and beyond to offer breath-taking architecture. Because enquiring minds want to know, we offer you a series of the best student housing, taken from The Guardian article: The world’s best student housing: top 10 architecture projects, by Oliver Wainwright.

Tietgen Student Halls, Orestad, by Lundgaard & Tranberg

Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2006
360 bedrooms radiate around this 360 degree panoptican of a building, designed by Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg. Conceived as a vertical village, the cog-like structure is arranged as a seven-storey rotunda of stacked student communities, with individual rooms facing outwards, like tapering slices of pie, while double-height pairs of kitchens and common living rooms poke into the circular courtyard within. The facades are clad in copper and oak, while the interiors are left as raw concrete and plywood, jazzed up with brightly coloured curtains and furniture, turning the interior courtyard into an animated colour wheel.

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