Trying to use RoomSync?

If you have already received your RoomSync invitation from your school or community and need to get back to the app, you can get to it here.

If you are looking for a roommate and have not received an invitation to join RoomSync from your school or community, please contact your housing office.

Are you having trouble using the app? Head to RoomSync Support for help.



What is RoomSync?

RoomSync is a roommate self-selection app – the coolest way to find the perfect roommate. RoomSync is offered at on-campus housing departments and off-campus communities to provide students with the leading roommate self-selection technology.

What is Self-Selection?

Self-selection means that YOU choose who you want to live with.  The power is in your hands!

What To Expect

RoomSync is provided by universities and communities at no cost to students and is accessible on computers and iPhone & Android mobile devices.

The entire matching process happens through the RoomSync app, not on this site.

Once your housing is secured with your housing department or management office, they will send you an invitation to join their matching network in the RoomSync app.

If you do not hear from your housing department or management office, it might mean that they do not offer RoomSync.

If you’d like us to reach out to your university or community about getting RoomSync, write us and let us know!

The App Step-By-Step:

  1. Accept your RoomSync invite and join your matching network
  2. Create your matching profile
  3. Browse or search for potential roommates based on things like lifestyle preferences, major and housing options
  4. Start conversations with other users who interest you
  5. Send roommate requests or accept incoming requests to/from the users you’d like to live with
  6. Live happily ever after!